RÉDUIT BOOST will not replace your daily skincare program, it will make the active ingredients in your daily skincare products work!

Do you know?

Only a small amount of active ingredients in your favorite face cream and essence will be absorbed by the skin when you apply it only with your fingertips! BOOST utilizes the power of diamagnetism to help provide deeper penetration of active ingredients in traditional skincare product!

The principle of BOOST

BOOST aims to magnify almost all traditional skincare products; Serum, cream and lotion. By utilizing pulsed electromagnetic field technology (PEFT) and diamagnetic force, BOOST ensures better absorption and deeper penetration of active ingredients to achieve better results.

The role of BOOST

With the help of LED phototherapy and alternating vibration, BOOST provides personalized treatment for you and your skin based on your skin type, specific skin condition, product type you use, and climate. All of this takes only 30 seconds.

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